3mk prolongs the life of your mobile and electronic devices.

They are one of the most known European producers of protective glass and foil for mobile devices. Founded in 2006, they also offer phone cases, protective foil for laptops, navigation devices and cameras.

3mk perfectly understands consumer needs for top-quality device protection. It protects their key functionalities and offers additional advantages:

– branding free – the device branding remains untouched;

– 100% reception of mobile and WiFi signal;

– does not alter weight or shape of the device;

– it allows for an uninterrupted use of all native functionalities of the device (ie. does not change the responsiveness of the screen);

– many others, depending on the model of choice.

3mk are very easy to use as they arrive with simple instructions on their packing. They also have a broad portfolio of products, depending on the needs and ambitions of each consumer. From tempered glass, elastic and self-levelling films, to privacy foils for business users, which blur and darken the screen under a wide angle: everyone will find an appropriate level of protection for themselves.

In one sentence – why do I need 3mk?

Because it offers a broad range of top protection which prolongs the life span of devices and brings a recognisable and tangible value to consumers.