BeHello, quite simply, puts the customer first. Several years spent researching the needs, desires and frustrations of buyers of mobile phone accessories has resulted in their unique product hierarchy.

BeHello takes care of four key consumer needs:

  • Mobile Protection – BeProtected;
  • Mobile Device Charging – BeCharged;
  • Sound – BeTuned;
  • Personalization – BeMore.

Each of the individual needs has a separate product line, which is marked with its own colour for easier identification and navigation. This allows users to easily explore the content of your shelves and get information about products.

There are also complementary products for each of the accessories from other product lines, placed within the packaging of each product, which facilitates cross-selling for your sales personnel. Managers of individual stores saw a sales increase of up to 25% where this brand was introduced.

In one sentence, why do I need BeHello?

Because it increases user satisfaction by offering intuitive, high-quality and attractive solutions, which will facilitate sales and increase volumes.