Each video consists of two major elements: picture (visual) and sound (audio). While shooting a video, it is important to give equal attention to both aspects of content. Sometimes audio is even more important. For instance, viewers will still understand a video even if it is granular or out of focus. But if audio is bad, it is much harder to expect that the viewers will receive the intended message. Boya tried to address this misconception and help videographers with their audio. They wanted to make it easy for users to get it right from the first time.

Boya is one of the leading audio equipment brands, established in 2007. They provide a broad range of audio solutions for video shooting. It covers improvements over standard mobile or in-camera audio all the way to professional equipment. With Boya, your customers can get reliable, affordable and professional sound to their projects.

Boya also invests heavily into innovation and technology, with over 100 engineers just in their R&D department. Their big production capacities make sure that they can meet increasing demand. Internal quality control measures optimise and control every stage of production.

Which products does Boya offer? Serving a number of different needs, their products include the following:

  • DSLR Microphones (wired or wireless);
  • Smartphone or Laptop Microphones (lavalier or plug-in);
  • Camcorder/Mixer/Recorder Microphones (XLR interface mics);
  • Accessories (Mixer, Converter, Windshield, Shockmount).

As Boya range constantly expands, it helps you offer fresh solutions that include the latest technological advancements. Both beginners and seasoned professionals can find a suitable match to their requirements.

In one sentence – why do I need Boya?

You need Boya to be able to offer reliable and affordable solutions that bring a professional sound to your customers’ video projects.