Gecko Covers stands for an enthusiastic team of young people who develop protective covers and accessories for e-readers, smartphones, tablets and MacBook laptops. Through their contemporary and thoughtful designs, they live their motto “appearance does matter”, thus offering far more than just protection.

By combining excellent protection features with unique materials and functional designs, as well as a variety of colours featured in their product lines, their covers bring character to your devices. Since their products are tailored to specific devices, supreme style and protection are seamlessly integrated into one.

Their range covers most popular Android and iOS devices when it comes to smartphones and laptops, with an especially wide range for tablets and e-readers. Their revolutionary Gecko Bounce technology with 3-layer protection ensures that phones are drop-proof even if they fall from as high as 3 metres. It brings psychological merit to the end user and protects their valuable investment.

In one sentence, why do I need Gecko?

Gecko brings you contemporary designs and materials for smartphones, e-readers, tablets and laptops, combined with excellent protection.