iDeal of Sweden

iDeal of Sweden is a Swedish fashion and lifestyle brand of accessories for mobile phones, inspired by latest fashion and trends.

iDeal Concept is a system of complementary products that combine superb design and functionality that makes everyday life easier. iDeal of Sweden is the best blend of Swedish pragmatism, playful colours and samples of each season. It also features high-quality materials that are pleasant to the touch.

Different lines that they offer allow users to connect different products with a single motif or pattern. Alternatively, this enables the use of products with different materials or samples according to their taste. It is unique for them to offer additional products, such as cases, bracelets or wristlets as part of their lines. So the technology blends into the fashion expression of an individual.

New collections come out every season, and they work with influencers from all over the globe, from Australia to Paris and from Canada to Sweden. This allows them to reach a broad audience and offer a variety of expressions with an ever-new freshness. Their typical audience spends a lot of time on Instagram, travels frequently and care about their lifestyle.

In one sentence, why do I need iDeal of Sweden?

Because they are an ideal solution for lifestyle customers who want more than a technological solution: they are the fashion brand number 1 for mobile accessories.