powertraveller solus

Powertraveller’s mission is to enable its customers to enjoy nature on their own terms with the help of lightweight, portable power sources.

Their products built to last, even in extreme temperatures and are resistant to the elements and harsh handling. They have a very high number of recharge cycles, surpassing the need for using disposable batteries. In addition to that, they are made using components and materials that can be reused or recycled. Powertraveller is committed to researching ways to harness this power using emerging and new technologies. This includes advancements in new materials.

During the past fifteen years, they have been designing, developing and manufacturing award-winning portable power and solar solutions that extend the usability of a wide range of electronics. They are continually updating and enhancing their product line with new releases. Moreover, they also create tools to educate retailers and consumers about their product features.

On top of that, they continually strive to meet current environmental, technological and social demands – and plan for a sustainable future. With customers prioritising life balance and exploration of the great outdoors, Powertraveller aims to support them with products that can help rediscover their connection with nature. Their efforts to prevent wildlife crime and support of European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) and several wildlife foundations are integral to their company values.

Their product range includes:

  • solar panels
  • solar kits
  • lightning
  • power packs.

Their devices help people stay outside, and off-grid, for longer. Portable charging is available to all of their mobile devices via their innovative product solutions. This is only more pronounced as, due to recent developments, customers tend to spend more time in nature and off the grid. Thus it is critical that they have access to reliable power sources. Consequently, they can stay safe and within reach if necessary.

In one sentence - why do I need Powertraveller?

Powetraveller has the perfect charging solutions your customers need to reconnect with nature.