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Kabel – USB-C to USB (1,20m) – White – 3.1 Kevlar Coated

120 cm USB to TYPE-C cable Colour White High speed data transfer Charging and data synchronization Made with Kevlar® for extra durability Slim tip can be used with most cases ultra fast data transfer-kevlar patented protection (kevlar is the material they produce bulletproof vests) WHY DO I NEED A KEVLAR Coated Cable? These are some of Kevlar's properties: It's strong but relatively light. The specific tensile strength (stretching or pulling strength) of Kevlar is over eight times greater than that of steel wire. Unlike most plastics it does not melt: it's reasonably good at withstanding temperatures and decomposes only at about 450°C (850°F). Very low temperatures have no effect on Kevlar. The most important element in a Cable is how fast it charges your device. ttec Kevlar Type-C Cable can Charge your Mobile device 3 times faster comparing to a normal cable. ttec Kevlar Coated Type C cables are produced to last . In addition to all above, ttec has sold more than 70 million units of Mobile Accessories in 25 countries mainly because they are durable and reliable