Kabel – USB-C to USB (1,20m) – White

120 cm USB to TYPE-C cable Colour White High speed data transfer Charging and data synchronization Slim tip can be used with most cases transfers data and electricity with required speed ,strong longer than most of the cables(1meter is common length) strong WHY DO I USE HIGH QUALITY USB-C CABLE ? Who wants to risk to damage their phones by using low quality cables? By Using high quality cable you wont be just protecting your phone you will also make its life longer 120 cm cable length which allows you to use your phone on charge. ttec USB-C cables are safe to use and wont damaged your expensive phone. With ttec USB-C slim tip you can use your cable with any case you have. In addition to all above, ttec has sold more than 70 million units of Mobile Accessories in 25 countries mainly because they are durable and reliable