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Zvucnici – Bluetooth Speaker DUO – Goldish – Stereo

Remember stereo? That’s where good sound comes out of two channels and joins to create great sound. So why are all these stereo Bluetooth speakers out there single compact units? Drivers placed that close together will always sound like one driver – like a mono speaker. That’s why we made the Defunc DUO, the first Dual Portable Stereo System on the market. Two identical round Bluetooth speakers sold as a unified pair. Weighing only 412 grams each, the stacking design and reusable packaging with handle make them as easy to take with you as lunch. And their minimalist Scandinavian styling allows them to blend into any interior when the music takes over. Defunc DUO lets you start a party wherever you are. Just place them up to 10 meters apart and let them sync automatically in seconds to fill the room with 360-degree first-class sound. Ever wonder what to do when your only sound source is being blocked by your guests at the buffet table? With Defunc DUO, you won’t have to interrupt anyone’s conversations about the DJ’s setlist. Just take the other speaker and create a dance floor somewhere else in the room. Defunc DUO – when you want to fill your home with good sound the right way. Because, while you can use them individually, we think you should bring back stereo. After all, we’ve come a long way since the 1950s. Bluetooth version: 4.2 Wireless range: 10 m Battery time: 10 h Charging time: 4 h Battery capacity: 2*2400 mAh Colour: Goldish