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Autopunjac Uni 3xUSB ports + dual cable(CX009) + USB-C to USB cable(CX011) – 30% povoljnije

3 in 1 - Car charger (XPD13) + Dual cable (CX009) + USB-C cable (CX011) Car charger (XPD13) 12-18 Volt USB plug to charge your Xtorm power bank or Xtorm solar charger in your car. Equipped with triple USB output: 3x 2.4A This car adaptor is also suitable to charge your mobile equipment f.e. smartphone, tablet or gameconsole. Suitable to charge 3 mobile devices at the same time. Dual cable (CX009) 2 in 1 A single cable for both Micro USB devices and Apple products with a Lightning connector.Very handy if you are travelling and you want to charge both your iPhone and your camera, for example, or a friend’s device. Also handy for home use, of course.oven wire. MFi licence Naturally, Xtorm cables with an Apple Lightning connector have the MFI licence. This license indicates that the cable has been approved by Apple, and is guaranteed to work with all Apple products with a Lightning connector. USB-C cable (CX011) Strong woven USB-C cable to charge all your USB-C devices or synchronize data. Xtorm USB-C cables have a special Dynamic Power Chipset, which automatically adjusts the voltage and charge speed according to the connected device. This Xtorm cable has a USB-C connector to a ‘standard’ male USB connector. Ultra-strong The Xtorm USB-C Charging Cable has a nylon braided cord which makes the cable very strong and tangle-free. Car charger (XPD13) Dimensions: 3.5x2.4x6cm Output: 3x USB (3x 2.4A) Dual cable (CX009) Dimensions: 1 m Weight: 20 grams USB-C cable (CX011) Dimensions: 1m Weight: 26 grams

Autopunjac – Uni 1xUSB (QC 3.0) – White

18W Max USB in-car charger Charges your phone up to 4 times faster with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology Surge protection for safe charging Blue LED power indicator 12-24 Volt DC input QUALCOMM 3.0 is a technology that allows you to charge your compatible device up to 4 times faster than standard chargers and charges all other smartphones with maximum speed. ttec has sold more than 70 million units in 25 countries which means it's a trustworthy brand. The most important element in an In Car charger is circuit protection ; With full wave rectifier of ttec In Car Chargers you could charge your device without worrying about damaging it. This ttec In Car charger with Qualcomm 3.0 could charge your quick charging device faster and saves your time. Speed Charger QC 3.0 is compatible with all devices letting you charge any smartphone, if with Quick charging function faster if not on required speed. ttec has warranty; if anything goes wrong, ttec will replace it with same or newer one for free! About ttec Leading mobile accessories brand since 1995 Offering 1.000+ products At 15.000+ stores in 20+ countries Turkish market leader for mobile accessories