SoSkild offers top protection of mobile devices with their patented Zigzag structure®.

All SoSkild’s protective enclosures can be recognised by Zigzag Structure® in their corners, based on the years of experience in energy absorption at the moment of impact. In addition, all cases come with a life-long warranty, which speaks a lot about their quality.

An independent quality control institution, TÜV Nord, has confirmed the quality of SoSkild solutions. Therefore, they can proudly carry its logo on their products. The findings of TÜV Nord confirm that SoSkild Defend and Defend Wallet offer up to 200% better impact resistance than the average comparable solution on the market.

Apart from Absorb, Defend and Defend Wallet products, which offer different types of protection, depending on the lifestyle of the user, SoSkild offers its own Crystal Glass screen protection solution for mobile devices. The application of this protection to devices is simple and quick.

These products are adapted to the most popular models of prestigious brands, thus preserving their value throughout the entire period of use.

In one sentence – why do I need SoSkild?

Because it offers state-of-the-art and recognizable solutions for protecting mobile devices from frequent types of accidents and extends their life span.