Xtorm Business

Xtorm Business is a brand of specialised charging solutions which is an ideal addition to every business or office space.

Their power solutions are suitable for different needs: from one device to more than ten. Through their design and functionality, they are primarily adapted to clients who are engaged in service activities, and want to offer additional benefits to their visitors or clients. Xtorm Business solutions are often used by:

– hotels

– restaurants

– cafes

– companies which have field sales representatives or workers

– gym and fitness centres

– congress halls and startup incubators

– large business centers

– transport companies, especially charter companies and taxi companies

– offices owned by independent professionals: lawyers, health and dental centres, opticians and everyone having receptions or waiting rooms.

Their solutions offer wired and wireless charging, while certain products offer charging stations for portable power banks, through which the devices are charged on-the-go and then the banks are returned to the fast charging station so they can serve another employee or client.

In one sentence – why do I need Xtorm Business?

Xtorm Business offers intuitive solutions especially tailored to business users: the dynamics of their business and constant need for connectivity, for them and their clients.