solus defunc

Their name stands for Design and Function, and they are here to simplify the consumer experience.

The audio market today is flooded with brands and models which almost all look alike. When Defunc started in 2015, they were not interested in starting an enterprise for its own sake. So, they gave themselves an ultimatum – If they couldn’t sit down for three hours and come up with a reason to start another headphone company – then it wasn’t worth doing. Existensberättigande is a big Swedish word meaning “the right to exist”. Defunc needed to create its own right to exist in order to make sense. And from that day, Defunc has tried to bring something new to the market in each of the audio categories.

While many others base their models on fashion or fads, they’ve created four simple categories based entirely on people’s everyday needs. In this day and age, almost everyone uses headphones or earbuds every day at home, at work, and on the go – whether it’s for music, as a better way to talk on the phone, or to block out unwanted sounds with noise-cancellation technology. But most people don’t find the model that is optimal for them. Defunc thinks this is because there’s simply too much to choose from.

Choosing from Music, Talk, Hybrid and Sport allows users to quickly and effectively determine what’s most important to them. And Defunc price ranges provide even further flexibility. They offer high-quality products that don’t cost a fortune. A clarity of choice. They sift through all the chaos so ordinary people don’t have to.

In one sentence, why do I need Defunc?

Because it offers a simple and intuitive choice of high-quality audio products your consumers will love.