EcoFlow enables customers to stay in charge of their power supply.

It was founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs who used the experience from working in the drone segment. That is, they specialised in drone batteries in particular. The demands of such batteries to be lightweight, long-lasting and, most importantly, powerful helped leverage this knowledge and experience to build innovative energy storage products.

Thoughtful in design, smart and powerful, EcoFlow’s products instantly positioned them as industry leaders. Following their passion, EcoFlow’s personnel strive to reinvent the way people access power around the globe. EcoFlow’s product lines deliver an industrial amount of clean, quiet and renewable power. While popular with many customers, these suit life adventures, work and home backup power in particular.

Following available information, 60% of their customers use EcoFlow products recreationally. Such uses include camping, outdoors, festivals, tailgating and in their vehicles. At the same time, 57% of their customers claim to use EcoFlow products for emergency situations. This includes disaster relief, for medical devices or as home backup. Finally, 30% of their customers use them professionally, for filming, photography, drones, in the event production industry or during business travels.

EcoFlow’s mission is to empower people and communities through portable, clean, reliable power for lasting impact by dethroning the traditional gas generator and reinventing the way the world accesses energy. Their technologies have a strong impact on different societies. They foster inclusion and help raise standards of living in areas of the world where power shortages stunt economic growth and development.

Consequently, their product range consists of:

  • portable power stations
  • solar panels
  • smart devices
  • bundles
  • accessories.


You need EcoFlow to support users who need safe power supply in the most noble and demanding of professions, in emergency situations or to explore the outdoors.