marumi solus

Marumi Optical was established in 1952 and has been producing camera filters ever since.

When it comes to filters, quality is key. We want the goodness in, and leave the flares, UV light and dust out. Marumi has been dedicated to top quality products coming out of their Nagano plant for decades. They brought the first filters for digital single-lens reflex cameras to market: it was their famous DHG Series in 2003.

Marumi headquarters are located in Nagano prefecture, surrounded by Japanese Alps and a thriving technology industry. Their suppliers make high precision machinery and other equipment which is vital in producing non-compromising filters for high-quality photographs.

They offer the following types of solutions:

  • Round filters
    • UV Filters
    • Lens Filters
    • Circular Polarizer
    • ND Filter
    • Cross Screen Filter
    • Close Up Lens Filter
    • Soft Effect Filter
    • Creation
  • Square Filters – with their innovative Magnetic Filters (100mm filter system)
  • Series
    • EXUS (Professional Type)
    • DHG Super (High-grade Type)
    • DHG (Standard Type)
    • FIT + SLIM (Basic Type)
    • Creation

Depending on filter type, they offer:

  1. Different types of coating (Antistatic, Water Repellent, Oil Repellent, Dynamic)
  2. Optical glass (High Transmission Polarizing Film, Blackened Outer Rim)
  3. Frame Structure (Light-Blocking Ridge, Satin Finish & Knurling, Ultra-Thin Frame Design, Male Thread: Teflon Coating)

In one sentence - why do I need Marumi?

Because they offer non-compromising quality filters for an affordable price.